Naughty Chicken….DAY 22 No SUGAR!


I have been a naughty sugar free chicken (thats me on the right!)….sorry for not updating for ONE WHOLE WEEK! Hard to believe.

When I was just starting out in no sugar I read someone elses blog that stated quitting sugar is actually hard to write about in a blog – you go through withdrawals, try a few new recipies, then quickly run out of things to say! Has this happened to me?

I guess the first couple of weeks the blog was a huge help as it got me out of the evening ritual of snacking on sweet things on the couch after dinner & also helped me analyse what I was quitting sugar for…but it is true that as I have got more used to the lifestyle of no sugar, there is less and less reason to post. But continue posting, I will!

I am going quite well on my 8 weeks no sugar detox – with a few minor road bumps…

  • Minor moody freak outs – the ones where I would usually run crying to a block of chocolate and feel OK again in 10 minutes. I have ground my teeth and suffered through these. Amazingly, I found they actually do pass (!!!). One evening I found myself in one of these freak outs and also near a supermarket and in a fit of chocolate detox rage I ran to the cheese section, grabbed a block of parmesan cheese and ran back to the car gnawing on one end. I gotto do what I can, right!
  • Friday night Hot Chocolate at Lindt (Chapel St) – yes, a great place to go when you are on a No Sugar program. I actually walked in there mentally giving myself permission to fall spectacularly off the wagon and have a decadent rich hot chocolate…but once I sat down my amazing strong resolve returned and I only ordered a decaf latte! My boyfriend and his cousin both had Dark hot chocolates and they both said it wasn’t very good….so I missed out on nothing AND felt good about holding my resolve! Score!
  • An amazing find…WHITE WHITE COCOA TEA from T2 – This tea is heavenly! If you haven’t tried it, please do yourself a favour and get some. It is expensive, at $22 for 100g but gee, the smell and taste are incredible. Its made using coconut & cocoa…I have a pot sitting in front of me right now and I am in heaven. I also added it to the list of Craving Busters!

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