Weight Loss Update – Day 15


Day 15 of No Sugar at all & Day 24 of the I Quit Sugar program.

Today I am going to do a bit of an update for you all…skin, weight, cravings, detoxing, energy…

Skin Update: Yesterday I decided enough was enough with my lifeless skin, so I underwent a multi-targeted skin resuscitation day. I can update today that my skin looks AMAZING now! It did ever since I washed off the face mask yesterday. It is clearer, has a sparkle and healthy feel to it and generally looks more glowing. I highly recommend doing a skin rescue, as it definitely helped me. I will do the process again in a week & update you on here too.

Weight Update: I can report that during the 24 days so far of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ program, I think I have lost about 1.5kg!!!!!! Now, that has to be taken with a pinch of salt because our scales at home are very dodgy, and they can’t be trusted too closely… I used to work in an Eating Disorders Clinic & we had huge heavy duty scales that measured weight down to the milligram (or something!) – incredibly accurate as those girls (and some boys!) needed extremely accurate results. I, however, am much less worried…a ball park figure is enough for me, and a 1.5kg ball park figure is great! Although I can’t really feel I have lost weight, I feel lighter, my face looks thinner and I am just more streamlined.

Craving Update: I am not craving chocolate, however I sometimes see a strawberry or an orange and really really find it hard to not eat it. I am craving the soft, fresh, sweet taste of a juicy fruit,. I can remember what it feels like in my mouth as I am writing this…ahhh….fruit porn (do NOT google it!).  But all this fruit resisting takes willpower, WILLPOWER! I have spent most of my life forcing myself to eat fruit, now I am forcing myself not to eat it!!! I will start to reintroduce fruit from week 6 so don’t worry peeps! I did crave something heavy and comforting yesterday, but I found a Hot Chocolate made with Full Fat Milk, 2 teaspoons of Raw Cacao Powder & some Cinnamon hit the spot. I am fuller for longer from main meals & need less snacks.

Detox Update: I still have headaches intermittently, funnily enough I have one now… but they are decreasing. The sore throat that I had for days has finally gone today and my skin is looking much better after yesterday’s pampering, however there is still room for improvement. I feel clearer & fresher behind my eyes which is weird, almost like there is something cooling there. I don’t feel completely out of the ‘fog’ & still have periods of low energy and motivation, but that is also improving every day. Other sugar quitters from I Quit Sugar and the Sweet Poison program have said that eventually you feel like a veil has been lifted from your eyes and for the first time you can think with absolute clarity. I am not there yet but can see improvements.

Energy Update: My energy levels have definitely increased – I wake up easily in the morning and usually without an alarm clock & feel ready for the day. However, this means that I am also getting tired at a more ‘normal’ time to sleep – like around 10pm – 10.30pm. My boyfriend can vouch that I get rather pissed off if I try to keep myself awake past this time (sorry baby!). I am not generally having an energy slump after meals however still have periods of really low energy…I figure I am still in a bit of the detox phase.

Overall, its quite amazing…I actually feel privileged to be doing this I Quit Sugar program. I never thought I could do it, but now that I am & have survived some of the bad stuff I can see the huge benefits already…bring on day 16!

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