Vegging Out – Day 13 No Sugar


Day 13 of no sugar, day 22 of the I Quit Sugar program. My time without sugar feels like just 10 minutes in time but also feels like a lifetime.

I have had another mini food revolution after watching two food documentaries – ‘Sick, Fat & Almost Dead’ and ‘Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes in 30 days’. There is a new way to go….raw raw raw food! RAW! As I was watching these documentaries, I ate 1/2 small Organic Avocado (raw of course)…and while I was putting the 2nd spoonful in my mouth, my body was already actually tingling. The avocado felt like it was imparting its life gift into me…is this what eating organic & eating raw is all about?!? I don’t know if I can do it for every meal yet, but I am going to try and eat more of my food raw, especially as it is starting to come into Summer. Always easier to eat salads when its warm!


Yummy (expensive) Organic Kale!

I also bought Kale for the first time ever. And it cost $4.80 for an Organic bunch – steep! But once I’m home I realise that you can get a lot out of a little with Kale. To continue the RAW theme, I had an amazing raw salad, see link below. It was delightful & looked so alive I could hardly believe my luck at being able to eat it. I also baked up some Kale Chips in the oven…yummy little crunchy snacks to eat up in the next week or two.


Green & Purple Summery Salad

Food eaten today (Tuesday)…DAY 13 “NO SUGAR”
BREAKFAST: Yummy Healthy Porridge, Black Tea with Milk.
SNACK: home made chocolate milkshake (milk, cacao powder, coconut creme, chia seeds, almond slivers, roasted coconut & 1 drop vanilla essence), 1/2 a small organic Avocado with 1 tsp Olive Oil
LUNCH: Green & Purple Summery Salad (it looked so alive!)
SNACK: Yoghurt with home made Granola, Sencha Green Tea
DINNER: Veal Shank (note: not nearly as nice as Lamb Shanks!), pumpkin mash & Lemony Gremolata
SNACK: Chai Tea (teabag) with Milk, 3 x raw cacao spoons

3 thoughts on “Vegging Out – Day 13 No Sugar

  1. Marisa

    Hi there. I am following the I Quit Sugar program as well. Really love hearing what you have to say, as well as the fact that I get some good ideas from your menus. Raw cacao spoons sound great. Will have to try some! Am wondering about any detox symptoms you are having besides those mentioned. I have really achey joints. You?

    1. ML Post author

      Hi Marisa,
      I did have aching muscles around my shoulders and neck last week, probably from quitting sugar! I am still getting headaches on and off throughout the day and fluctuating energy levels…I just did an update today (day 15!) of my weight loss, detox and cravings – thanks for your questions because it made me think! A few days ago (actually Day 1 of absolutely no sugar) I did a list of withdrawal symptoms, and I pretty much ticked all of them! It’s pretty ouch! Keep in touch with how you are going!! x

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