Australia Votes & Day 12 of No Sugar

Voting Bondi Beach

Day 12 of absolutely No Sugar and Day 21 of the I Quit Sugar program. Few days to catch up with…been busy with the Australian Federal Election over the weekend. In regards to my I Quit Sugar journey, I feel like withdrawal symptoms are still with me & its getting me down now. Before I found it a bit exciting because I felt like it was doing me good. However, now the continued withdrawal symptoms are getting a bit heavy & old. I am still experiencing intermittent headaches, bad skin, low energy (oscillating with periods of high energy), low motivation…Could be because of the disastrous change of government mind you, but more likely it is the lingering effects of the lack of sugar in my system.

My body has never known a life without sugar for this many days – I’m sure it is a huge, huge shock to my system.

My skin has been bad – well, when I look in the mirror I feel like it is bad, however my boyfriend thinks it is looking better. I must keep remembering it is only 12 days in – I need to give my skins cells a chance to renew…And I feel like I have lost some weight but our scales are so shoddy I can’t really tell.  However, I still can’t actually believe it is me doing this no sugar diet. Am I actually living a life without sugar?! It still surprises me when I think about it, I almost have to do a double take on my reality each time because I can’t quite believe it.

I did crave a ‘treat’ yesterday afternoon & being not near a kitchen to make up a Raw Cacao Spoon, I ended up sharing a large packet of Sea Salt Chips with my man…totally yum! Not that healthy, but sugar free! I couldn’t believe how good they tasted…so crispy & salty. They made my mouth sing & I savoured them very slowly at the start, and faster in hurried handfuls towards the end. Hello to my former self – lol.

 MOOD: From Relaxed to Annoyed, full spectrum!
 PHYSICAL: intermittent headaches during the days but waking up early without alarm. Alternating low to high energy, low motivation still. Had a sore throat for a few days too.
KEY: (1 = absolutely no sugar/very easy, 10 = disaster territory/very hard)

Food eaten today…DAY 12 “NO SUGAR” (MON)
BREAKFAST: Yummy Healthy Porridge. Black Tea with Milk.
LUNCH: Hamburger patties with onion, cheese & lettuce
SNACK: 3 corn crackers with Cashew Nut Butter, yoghurt with home made muesli
DINNER: 2 eggs scrambled with 1 tbsp yoghurt & 1/4 cup of Full Fat Milk, 1 tbsp crumbled Danish Feta, Corn on the Cob with Butter
SNACK: Black Tea with Milk.

sea salt

   Chips satisfied my ‘treat’ craving!

Food eaten yesterday…day 11 “NO SUGAR” (SUN)
BREAKFAST: Organic Biodynamic WholeMilk Yoghurt with home made Muesli (Oven roasted Oats, Almond Slivers, roasted Coconut & Cinnamon), Black Tea with Milk.
LUNCH: Carrot sticks with Cashew Nut Spread, Rice Crackers, Handful of Nuts
SNACK: Latte, Sea Salt Chips (had major craving for a ‘treat’!)
DINNER: Fish baked with Lemon, Broccoli en papillot, Salad (Lettuce & Tomato) & more Sea Salt Chips!
SNACK: Black Tea with Milk, small square Bulgarian Feta

Food eaten day before yesterday…DAY 10 “NO SUGAR” (SAT)
BREAKFAST: Yummy Healthy Porridge. Black Tea with Milk.
LUNCH: Omelette with Zucchini and Cheese, Black Tea with Milk
SNACK: Small handful of nuts
DINNER: Coconut Chicken Nuggets with Pumpkin Mash* & Peas with Garlic (while watching the Australian Federal Election results unfold…!)
SNACK: Black Tea with Milk, Raw Cacao Spoon

* Links may not work unless you are a member of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ program

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