Withdrawal symptoms return – Day 8

Woke up today with a headache. Had breakfast with a headache. Went through the day with a headache. Cooked dinner with a headache. Finished dinner with a headache. Writing blog with a headache.

Yes, headaches are back. Sugar withdrawal symptoms return.
Detoxing 101…again. Whoo.

I read someone’s sugar detoxing story today in one of my many searches for personal stories on the web (it gives me confidence to keep going!) & she said withdrawal symptoms hit her hardest in weeks 3 – 6 & she only started feeling better in Week 7! Oh no! I would love to post the link but I forget where I read it…and I am reading a lot.

MOOD: Relaxed
PHYSICAL: Constant headache all day. Woke up early without alarm. Very tired in afternoon and slept for over an hour (very rare for me)
KEY: (1 = absolutely no sugar/very easy, 10 = disaster territory/very hard)

I know I have a huge amount to detox from…I have never restricted my sugar intake before and was a complete chocoholic. I ate chocolate daily, and a lot of it. I have been using chocolate to deal with life, and do you know what, that is actually something I need to be grateful for, because it helped me a lot. Chocolate made impossible situations possible. After eating it, I felt calm and could deal with life again. However enough is enough. I am now at a place of strength in life where I can choose to deal with this addiction. And this choice is not being forced upon me but it is completely driven from deep within. I am completely committed to overcoming this addiction. Even if I have withdrawal symptoms up ’til week 10!


Lamb Shanks, Lemony Gremolata & Pumpkin Mash

Food eaten today…day 8
BREAKFAST: Yummy Healthy Porridge, Plunger Coffee with Milk.
LUNCH: 1/2 tin of Pink Salmon, Cooked Peas, 2 tsp Mayonnaise, sprinkle of Capers
SNACK: Small handful of nuts, 1 corn cracker toasted lightly with butter and Vegemite
DINNER: Lamb Shanks with Lemony Gremolata* (made without potatoes) & Pumpkin Mash* (so so yum!!)
SNACK: Black Tea with Milk, 2 small Frozen Cacao Spoon


Food eaten yesterday…DAY 7 NO SUGAR
BREAKFAST: Yummy Healthy Porridge. Black Tea with Milk.
LUNCH: 2 eggs fried with 1 tablespoon grated Cheese, Corn on the Cob with Butter, Lettuce
SNACK: Small handful of nuts
DINNER: Chicken breast fried in Coconut Oil, Broccoli en papillot with Roasted Almond slivers and Macadamia Oil, Peas with Garlic, 1tsp Grainy Mustard
SNACK: Black Tea with Milk.

*Link may not work unless you are signed into the “I Quit Sugar” program


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