Absolutely No Sugar – Day 5

Healthy Food

Day 5 with NO sugar at all and day 14 of the “I Quit Sugar” program.

Today has been…ahh…OK. I somehow wish I could just fast forward to the place where I am OK with no sugar. Fast forward to a place where it is just no longer an issue. But I am not there yet. I still miss my Chocolate Muffins and that hit of sugary sweet Nutella…I feel like a junkie saying that, I would rather be craving steamed Broccoli or something, but 20 + years of sugar addiction is ingrained in me deep. However, my resolve is still very strong.

I feel like I am on a long trek and I can’t possibly stop before I reach the top of the mountain!

 DIFFICULTY: 5 (Still very determined!)
 MOOD:  I have a lingering discontent and lack of motivation…I had to do many jobs today and would usually treat myself with a sweet muffin or something to get them done – it made me sad that I couldn’t do that today. I was going to treat myself to a Latte at a cafe but must forgot about it in my discontent at not being able to have a usual sugary treat.
♣ PHYSICAL: I think my sense of taste is changing – the nut butter tasted amazing today, as did the yoghurt, and also the macadamia nut oil I put on the broccoli for dinner…
I also notice myself feeling full easier, and dont have that constant feeling of having an empty stomach.
My skin was initially a lot better but I think with the detox it is getting worse again. To be expected, and I am sure I have HEAPS to detox (being the 5 star sugar addict I was!)
KEY: (1 = absolutely no sugar/very easy, 10 = disaster territory/very hard)

Food eaten today…DAY 5 NO SUGAR
 Porridge with Roasted Coconut, Biodynamic Full Cream Yoghurt, Cinnamon & Milk. Black Tea with Milk.
LUNCH: 2 egg Omlette with 1/2 zucchini, 4 mushrooms and 6 green beans.
SNACK: 2 carrots with Wholefoods Nut Butter, 1 rice cracker, bowl of Organic Whole Milk Yoghurt with coconut, cinnamon and roasted almond slivers, Black Tea with Milk
DINNER: Roasted Salmon fillet, steamed Broccoli with Macadamia Oil & Peas with Garlic
SNACK: Black Tea with Milk


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