Welcome to Cardboard Land – Day 2

sugar free snacks

Hello and welcome to another day on the No Sugar crusade. Yes, step right up and claim your good old sugar free carrot sticks with thick but tasteless sugar free nut butter. Doesn’t appeal? Then why not try our lettuce leaves and pumpkins seeds, both naturally sugar free of course. Or our bland and unseasoned Rice Crackers…they may taste like cardboard but at least they don’t contain sugar!

Yes, welcome to my existence. I feel like it is populated by bland cardboard cut outs of foods I used to love. Everything has lost its taste…even black tea with milk, once a much loved staple, now tastes boring and strange. It is Day 11 of the I Quit Sugar program and only Day 2 of being very very strict. Absolutely NO SUGAR (ie, no fructose) is going into my mouth. And believe me, my mouth IS suffering.

mouth smarties

From where my mouth wishes it was..

It is a strange thing, this 8 weeks no sugar program I have committed too. I am realising I must have very strong resolve – something I hadn’t kind of realised before. I’m finding the physical symptoms a little hard to deal with, but mentally there is no question in my mind that I will stick to it…absolutely no question. My resolve is like a metal bank safe…there is no way it is going to be cracked open.

Today was a tad bizarre…i didn’t eat lunch until 4.30pm as I was not hungry in the slightest bit, but once I started eating I felt starving and wasn’t able to feel ‘full’ at all. Not many withdrawal symptoms, however an old back injury of mine that causes me grief was playing up – it sends pain down the back of my left butt and thigh…like sciatica. And anyone who has had it knows how absolutely painful it can be.

BREAKFAST: Porridge with Coconut Cream, Roasted Coconut, Biodynamic Full Cream Yoghurt, Cinnamon. Black Tea with Milk.
SNACK: Latte
LUNCH (4pm): Oven Roasted Coconut Chicken strips, steamed Broccoli with Olive Oil and Roasted Almonds, Salad (Lettuce, Tomato, Mushroom, Fetta & Macadamia Oil), 1/2 Fried egg with 2 slices Haloumi
20130830-222328.jpgSNACK: handful Roasted Almonds, Yoghurt, Toasted Coconut and Organic Cinnamon
DINNER: 3 x Cheesy Corn Crackers (one with added Vegemite), 1/2 Tomato.
DESSERT: Frozen Cacao Spoons (i just invented them tonight and they are awesome!), Black Tea with Milk

11pm….again I am starving. I probably didn’t have enough dinner, but because I ate lunch so late, I didn’t feel like much. This is happening every day – I need to somehow break this habit. I am going to see what I can find to eat. Truth is, I really need to go grocery shopping. Tomorrow I am going to get my man to help me – he can carry all the sugar free things to the car!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Cardboard Land – Day 2

  1. ML Post author

    Thanks Rory! Hard but I know it will be worth it. Do you have a blog at the moment? I remember you having one in Brazil! x


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