What to do when the sugar craving hits – DAY 1 Absolutely NO SUGAR


Craving sugar baaaaaaaad. 8 weeks no sugar…oh man, what did I sign up to?!  Today is DAY 1 of absolutely no sugar at all – no fresh fruit or fruit juice, no dried fruits, no chocolate, no sugar on my porridge, no honey in my Chai, no artificial sweeteners….nothing. We are aiming to reset our taste buds and get over this addiction. C’MON!


Mostly to distract me from eating a kilo of Nutella straight from the jar, I am going to give a small history of my journey so far. Self indulgent? You bet ya! But a healthy form of indulgence at least.
So, for the first 2 weeks of the I Quit Sugar program, you are meant to take it easy on yourself – cut back on sugar where you can and try to eat more natural fats, which fill you up. From weeks 2 – 6 the hardcore part starts – absolutely no sugar during this time (to be clear, this is no fructose in particular).

A few weeks ago I heard about the I Quit Sugar program. I had read Sarah Wilson’s ebook earlier in the year and was interested but didn’t think I could do it…but with 6 days to go until the start of the 8 weeks no sugar program, I was convinced to sign up by my nagging health freaking family and my guru Natropathy friend Soraya. I was, naturally, freaking out and decided to firstly experiment with a no sugar breakfast…just to see if I could do it. I did, and it tasted pretty good, so the no sugar theme was then extended for the rest of the day and the rest of the week. It just seemed OK to keep it going. I was actually surprised at how manageable it was! So on Day 1 of the formal I Quit Sugar program, I was actually already in Day 7 of my program…confusing I know, but stick with me. Currently it is Day 4 of the formal program but Day 10 of my no sugar program. I have only been semi-strict with the no sugar so far – of course I haven’t had any chocolate, honey or sugar-laden pasta sauces but I have sometimes slipped up by having a banana on the first day, or the huxtaburger disaster. Yesterday I only had 4 frozen raspberries, a small amount of GI fructose, but sugar nonetheless! Today I have had ZERO! Perhaps the first day completely without.

Withdrawal symptoms you say? Hell yes! I was a hardcore sugar addict & I know coming off will be hard. What goes up must come down. I have had a low grade constant headache throughout the day, with periods of it becoming severe. I have had low energy, aching shoulder and neck muscles, felt tired and hungry . And mega-sugar cravings towards the end of the day. My stomach seems completely empty, devoid of food and as if I have fasted for days. Needless to add, I am drinking large amounts of water every day, probably 2.5 to 3 litres, due to excessive thirst.



  • Headache (tick)
  • Severe and Constant Thirst (double tick)
  • Nausea (only once)
  • Insomnia (tick)
  • Aching Muscles (tick – shoulders & neck)
  • Bloating (tick)
  • Extreme Hunger Pains (double tick)
  • Tiredness (tick)
  • Low Energy (tick)
  • Irritability (tick – my boyfriend says ‘TICK!’)
  • Eye sensitivity to light (only few days)
  • Need to eat much more food than usual (is said to last only first couple of weeks, until your hunger mechanism adjusts) – (TICK)
  • Oscillating periods of high and low motivation (tick)

Food eaten today..
BREAKFAST: Porridge with Coconut Cream, Roasted Coconut, Biodynamic Full Cream Yoghurt, Cinnamon. Black Tea with Milk.
20130829-223259.jpgLUNCH: Coconut Chicken strips, oven steamed Broccoli with Macadamia oil and chopped Almonds, Salad (lettuce, tomato, mushroom & feta cheese)
SNACK: 1/2 carrot and nut butter, handfuls of nuts – almonds, cashews, walnuts, pepitas & chickpea bombs
DINNER: 2 Egg Omelette with onion, capsicum, mushroom and feta cheese, 2 small slices haloumi.
DESSERT: Yoghurt, Toasted Coconut, Organic Cinnamon & Chia Seeds, Morning After Tea.
10.30pm – I am STARVING! Oh man, it is so hard to get the quantities right during the day. I’m going to eat a small slice of cheese & 1/2 carrot with nut butter.

11.30pm – That last snack filled me up for a bit but now I am STARVING again! In a haphazard grab for food I eat 3 slices grilled haloumi, a mushroom, some lettuce & make a Sencha Green Tea. I have successfully avoided sugar for a whole day. Go me! Now for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day……ad nauseum…..


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