Thirst, Thirst, Thirst….AHHHH

I am so incredibly thirsty. ALL. THE. TIME. It is constant and it is severe. It does not go away even after drinking a litre of water. I feel exactly like the guy in this picture (although I am standing at my kitchen sink and have only had to walk there from the couch).


Now, constant thirst is one of the things that pushed me to start this 8 weeks no sugar plan. I had experienced it for approximately a week before deciding to quit sugar. This symptom did lessen for the first couple of days in the I Quit Sugar program (superseded by headaches perhaps?), but now it is back even worse than before. Could it be an effect from the sugar & salt laden burger I ate last night?? Or perhaps it could it be the first signs of Type 2 Diabetes??

OR maybe, just maybe,  it is just part of the myriad of withdrawal symptoms and detoxing that my body is undergoing from quitting sugar!

I would be really interested to see if any other I Quit Sugar devotees have experienced something similar? Word on the street (via Sarah Wilson on the “I Quit Sugar” forum) is that excessive thirst is a common symptom that both she and sugar quitting guru David Gillespie have noted from many quitters. That definitely makes me feel a little better. Now, I will leave you as I have an ocean to drink.


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