Huxtaburger & falling off the wagon

Brutal headache that actually woke me up this morning in all it’s pounding glory. Was this my body reacting to the hidden sugar in last nights Huxtaburger?! My poor suffering boyfriend suggested we eat there last night, as we had been planning to for a while. I didn’t want to disappoint him with another “but I have quit sugar…!” spiel & secretly maybe I did want to eat some sugar…


We found a table outside & both ordered to most popular burger on the menu, the Huxtaburger! Without drinks or fries…just the hamburger in all it’s glory. As my teeth sunk into its tasty softness my sugar receptors fired up and I munched that baby so fast I actually finished the whole thing off well before my hungry man sitting opposite me.

It tasted so great, so lovely & my mouth was left actually tingling at the end.

The culprit was probably the tomato sauce & the brioche bun. I felt OK for the rest of the evening & actually didn’t notice a sugar slump but did crave a piece of chocolate massively. I resisted & instead had some Jalna Organic Biodynamic Whole Milk Yoghurt, organic Cinnamon & roasted Coconut.

But this morning, gee! My headache is back with vengeance, I feel nauseous & my mouth is so dry. It feels like a really bad hangover…that’s what it is! A SUGAR HANGOVER!!!

OMG. And I have been wolfing down so much of this white stuff my whole life. I have been addicted and in its nasty grip. God, the universe, Buddha…anything…please give me the willpower to quit this stuff! It’s poison, POISON!!


4 thoughts on “Huxtaburger & falling off the wagon

  1. mummywifeme

    Ahhh the headaches are the worst! At least you know the program is working though ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who had a nutella addiction. That stuff should be illegal ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great blog and great idea to track your journey. I found that once I declared to the blogosphere that I was quitting sugar, it gave me more incentive to follow through ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ML Post author

      Yes, I found starting this blog a good excuse to keep going with the program too! I am experiencing excessive severe thirst…I am about to do a blog post about it…but just wondered if you had the same? I can’t find that much information on it or many other peoples stories of a similar thing…
      Thanks for the encouragement!!!

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