Sugar withdrawal symptoms hit hard

Sugar Lips

So. Hungry.

Really not sure what to do. This I Quit Sugar thing is tough! Maybe I didn’t eat enough today? The hunger just seems to hit me at midnight. Along with the headache I have had all day – apparently they are just part of the withdrawal symptoms from sugar. I texted my lovely boyfriend for some advice and he sent back a list of things i could eat: kiwi fruit, pineapple, peach or berries. Um, thanks…don’t think he really gets the no sugar thing! But he is being very supportive & has agreed to follow the 8 weeks no sugar program whenever we are together (he has given up sugar in the past and currently eats much healthier than me). My Brazilian housemate Leo has also agreed to do it – although he is already pretty much a health-freak (he comes from Rio so it kinda goes with the territory). Despite the constant hunger and headache, I feel determined to stick to it & keep going. For the first time in my life I am taking control of my sugar addiction. It feels so empowering!

MOOD: Bored

PHYSICAL: Headache all day, feeling lethargic, unable to sleep

KEY: (1 = absolutely no sugar/very easy, 10 = disaster territory/very hard)

Food today:
BREAKFAST: Porridge with 1 tbsp coconut cream, roasted coconut, yoghurt & cinnamon. Black tea with milk.
LUNCH: 2 x Cheese & 2 x Vegemite toast, 1/2 serve Endame, Sencha green tea
DINNER: Kangaroo mince cooked with onion, carrot, cumin & garam masala. Par-boiled broccoli, beans & carrot with mixed grain mustard.
SNACK: Yoghurt, toasted coconut and cinnamon, handful roasted nuts, Black tea with milk
MIDNIGHT SNACK: Left over kangaroo mince with cheese, 1/2 serve Endame, Jasmine Green Tea


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