5 days to go

Today the no sugar quest continues. It was the second day almost sugar free…pretty easy to start with but a major stuff up over dinner.

The Scenario: It gets to 5.30pm, I am STARVING and cleaning out my pantry of sugar filled foods. There is a variety of sugary foods – oyster sauce & weet-bix & drinking chocolate…Among other things, I find 3 almost-used packets of pasta. I hold these pasta packets in my hands looking from one to the other, and again from one to the other – and suddenly its all over…thoughts of what I could possibly do with this pasta only point in one direction. I will eat it, of course. Seems completely logical and level headed. D’uh!

So with much fan fair I ate the pasta. With olive oil & parmesan cheese. Yum. It kind of felt like a last right…a last supper

But, BUT…I realised while I was eating it that I actually didn’t enjoy it very much!!! And then…I felt sick – bloated, headache and THIRSTY! I noticed that i had not felt thirsty at all in the past 24 hours, but 10 minutes after eating this pasta it has come back! (as a back story, for the week before deciding to do this I Quit Sugar program, I was constantly thirsty…which made me scared of the big D – Diabetes – as constant thirst is one of the first signs)

I also stuffed up with the sushi – apparently a lot of sugar is added to the rice.

SUCCESS WITH NO SUGAR: 6 (1 = absolutely no sugar, 10 = disaster territory)
DIFFICULTY: 4 (1 = very easy, 10 = very hard)
MOOD: Relaxed
Feeling bloated & a bit sick due to the pasta

3 Egg Omelette with Mushrooms & Danish Feta cheese, Black tea with Milk
2 sushi rolls (Tuna/Avocado & Salmon), Sencha Green Tea
Roasted Almonds, Walnuts & Cashews, Sencha Green Tea
Pasta with Parmesan Cheese & Olive Oil
SNACK: Chai with Milk, 1 small square of Koko Black’s 100% pure cocoa (not sure if this is allowed)
EXTRA SNACK: 1 tsp coconut oil with roasted coconut & cinnamon, Black tea with milk


2 thoughts on “5 days to go

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