I Quit Sugar

I have just signed up to do the 8 week ‘I quit sugar’ program – that is 8 weeks with no sugar. Yikes!!! For a life long sugar addict this will not be easy. This is the girl that thinks nothing of downing an entire jar of nutella in one sitting. The same girl that eats pasta with cheese at least 5 meals a week. And the very same girl that can polish off a large block of chocolate in one night. Granted I don’t drink fizzy drinks or eat fast food, but I still consume much more than my fair share of chocolate….


But this is going to change…this is the beginning of something new. The 8 week supported course starts on 26th August – a week away. I shall be posting daily during those 8 weeks and also include a few videos of my progress.

Today a friend Soreya came to analyse my current diet and will notify me of the nutrients I am missing. She also did a fat-content test of my body to determine actually how healthy I am. It will be fascinating to re-test myself and analyse the data at the end of the program. For an example of my pre ‘I quit sugar’ diet, see the PRE-QUITTING DIET page.

Wish me luck world!!!

(If you also want to sign up, the next course starts in February 2014. You can register your interest.)